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Whilst we are willing to negotiate, our distribution area is mostly limited to Hampshire, and Southern England.    We will compile a list of similar farms, in other areas.   These farms would be more suitable unless you live in theHampshire area.
Due to the cost it is not economic to have a credit card system.    All orders are confirmed over the phone, and financial transactions can be organised at the same time.

Poultry Price List

This is the price list for poultry, as of March 2012.   For eggs, please go here.    For large volume sales, separate prices will be negotiated. PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE KEPT OUR PRICES THE SAME FOR A FURTHER 6months.

AgeWarrenOther breeds

Day old £3.50 £3.50
1-3 weeks £4.50 £4.50
4-6 weeks £6.00 £7.50
7-10 weeks £7.50 £15.00
11-14 weeks £8.50 £18.00
15-20 weeks £10.50 £25.00
21+ weeks P.O.L. £16.00 Price on application.

Breeds subject to availability March 2014.

  • Araucana (lays blue eggs).
  • Brahma.
  • Buff Orpington.
  • Cream Legbar.
  • Frizzle.
  • Light Sussex.
  • Dolly Mixtures.  ALL Different.
  • Pekin Bantams.
  • Barred Plymouth Rock.
  • Rhode Island Red.
  • Silkie
  • Quail Italian
  • Turkey Reds+ Bronze
  • Ducks……..Various Breeds
  • Geese Emden this years birds.

Special breeds of Quail, Ducks and Geese are available upon request.    Prices discussed on enquiry.