Founded in October 2003, Barn Farm Educational Working Farm (Now Wern Uchaf Farm Wales)has over 30 years experience in the Farming profession and supplies Eggs and Meat to clients throughout Waterlooville. The company is located nr Hambledon. With Qualifications in Teaching. Also now part of access to farms. All Livestock is Free Range and welcome visitors by appointment only. Also, deliver Meat and Eggs each week within a 10-mile radius.

The business is managed by Lady Musgrave who has been involved in the Farming business for many years. Having previously trained at Portsmouth University, Lady Musgrave is adequately trained to oversee the company.

Enabling customers to live a healthier lifestyle throughout the year, the company provides local people with a professional educational look at Livestock and Food Using hands-on experiences with a friendly workforce, the service is intended to benefit inner-city children and adults and people with disability.