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Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

A medium sized hardy breed, able to survive in the bleak Welsh mountains. The mountain fodder is frequently poor and sparse. Agile and self-sufficient, they do not suffer from foot rot to the same extent that lowland breeds do. Similarly, they are mostly immune to fly strike.

The ram is heavier than the Ewes, with horns that spiral out from the head. Ewes are not horned. The coat is a dense fine wool that can be spun, or used in felt and carpets. Normally black; the wool can develop a reddish tinge under a strong sun. There is a ‘badger variant’ that has white areas, particularly on the head, but also the legs and tail. The meat is of fine texture and taste.

Currently, we have Burlington Bertie no 2 our head ram, three younger rams and 40 ewes.


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